25 October to 05 November

Deptford Lounge, 131 Deptford High Street

"X Marks the Spot: Stop the Violence. ‘X-shaped’ mural painted with portraits of young, male victims of London’s recent gang-fuelled knife crime during the last 2 years of increased violence. The portraits take the form of an ‘X’ as an indicator of the city’s role in the violence and tragic erasing of their place within it.

29 August to 30 August

Venue MOT Unit 18, Orion Business Centre, Surrey Canal Road, London

An experimental one-night exhibition combining digital video, sound and painting at this South Bermondsey venue. The title comes from the style of works linked in their twisted satire, hallucinatory figurative style and political commenary across these mediums. Reality in the neo-liberal contemporary world becomes just another hallucination with the city as a politicised phisical battleground of public/private space.
Exhibition of "CCTV": Stills from 13-minute reclaimed digital video showing projection on loop. Plus "CIE Immigration Centre / Caged Birds". Bridging the gaps between the ideas and mediums in my work. Also images from "X Marks The Spot".

22 September to 23 September

Acme Studios, 165 Childers Street, London SE8 5JR

Part of the Deptford X Festival 2018, a 10-day series of visual arts events focused on new work by emerging artists.
The Propeller Foundry artists invite you into their studios to see their work and creative environments. With over 70 artists in 50 studios. Open noon to 6pm.

07 July to 28 July

Thames-Side Studios Gallery

Thames-Side Studios presents Here then, was I / Here now, am I, a group exhibition featuring works by Annette Fernando, Alistair Leys, Sarah 'Kenikie' Palmer, Ema Pina and Helen Wilson.

The exhibition brings together a group of artists whose works reflect one's relationship with the outside world through a personal quest into one's self. Inner thoughts and shared aspirations, ubiquitous screens and physical surroundings are presented intertwined. Each artist, guided by their self-awareness, navigates the murky sea of the tangible and the digital world.

The show's title is inspired by Virginia Woolf’s extended essay A Room of One's Own (1929) and the docufiction film by Portuguese director Pedro Costa In Vanda's Room (2000). Whereas Woolf critiques the conditions required for the success of female writers, Costa cuts a space for emigrant junkies and the socially excluded. Both resort to fictions within reality in order to carve out a literal and figurative space from where to voice what remains unheard. To have one’s own room is a fundamental desire difficult for millennials to achieve in London, both literally and metaphorically. A desire to reclaim space and time for the individual. Focusing on issues of personal and social identity, the exhibition hopes to highlight the importance of creative work in questioning the ‘self’ and in understanding one's role within society.

Alistair Leys
The contradictory space. The self its place in society and its endlessly multiplying image. The drug fueled selfish hedonism and the selfless activism. The political and the personal.
The space of dreams and of concrete. Poetry and pain.
Reality and spectacle. The inner and outer. The slow and the fast. The street and the gallery.

Alistair's work brings to surface the paradoxes that coexist in our schizoid century and addresses how to represent its feeling and its look. He considers how political issues figure in relation to intimate sexual politics and moments of hallucination.

Thames-Side Studios Gallery
Thames-Side Studios
Harrington Way, Warspite Road
Royal Borough of Greenwich
London SE18 5NR.

Thames-Side Studios Gallery open Thursday-Sunday 12-5pm during exhibitions and by appointment.
For general Thames-Side Studios Gallery enquiries please email info@thames-sidestudios.co.uk

15 July to 16 September

Whitecross Street, London, EC1

The Rise of the Non Conformists is a very unusual exhibition which breaks most social norms and expectations. At previous shows we’ve had a comic-book ton weight anvil floating in the sky; a monster-sized pencil scribbling on buildings and a sniper hiding in a fake window. Some of the most intriguing and important urban artists have been free to rise to the occasion in the environment they best excel in – the street.

This years artists will paint through out the day of the party. Witness the painting and meet the artists - the final artworks are then exhibited along Whitecross Street in 'The Rise of the Non Conformists' exhibition until 16 September 2017.

The event is supported by City YMCA London and they support young people who have been ade homeless and the crime of homelessness.

My artwork is about the political aspect of the Grenfell Tower tragedy. The paintings are all 4ft x4ft and can be seen in the area now on and arround Whitecross Street.

24 November to 28 November

Crown House Creative, 102 London Road, Morden, London, SM45AY

SELF-ORGANISE. is a group show leading out of current and critical discourse on community, space and participation. The exhibition will explore how modes of self-organisation and communitarianism operate within public space, collectives and communities. Where and how artists self-organise and non-organise in the space will be a consequence of this exhibition and how the artwork itself is displayed or viewed. The city is a “...site where people of all sorts and classes mingle, however reluctantly and agonistically, to produce a common, if perpetually changing and transitory life.” What does it mean to localise and commune in this unstable and malleable space? SELF-ORGANISE. curates a collection of interventions and interactions within sites of political, social and class struggles.

Public Programme: 27/11

On Sunday November 27, participating artists will be hosting a public programme of workshops, talks and performances for the community. SELF-ORGANISE. is about bringing these ideas and critiques to the forefront and allowing for local community action and participation to occur alongside the artwork.


Andrew Hart
Flora Duley
BordersBorderless: Josephine Amalie von Bulow, Zsuzsa Benke, Marta Capa, Alison Darby and Janos Vasco Sandor
Serena Huang
Alistair Leys
Fangli Cheng
Laura Hue Williams
Helen Brewer

05 October to 09 October

Noho Studio

46 Great Titchfield Street, London W1W 7QA.

I exhibited two paintings at this show featuring the work of emerging artists, curators and galleries.

The event launched in December 2015 at London's OXO Tower Wharf (The Bargehouse) followed by a second edition in May 2016 during Frieze Week in New York City.

The aim is to present an alternative to the bigger, more established commercial fairs - and a far more affordable opportunity to the talented artists, curators and galleries that are producing and exhibiting wonderful works of art but can't afford the Frieze art fair, FIAC or Art Basel.

Moreover, we're deliberately producing the events to coincide with other major art events such as Frieze London, FIAC (Paris) and soon Art Basel (Switzerland, Hong Kong & Miami) in an effort to expose these talented artists to the many collectors and art lovers migrating to attend the larger events.

01 October to 01 October

Gallery Sensei

Copeland Park, 133 Copeland Road, London. SE15 3SN

I did a talk and screened the rough cut of the film Marvellous which was a collaborative project with my brother Cameron. My paintings based of this video-work are exhibited also and there was live musical accompaniment and a screening of the classic rare Japanese film The Pornographers.

Approximate screening times:
8:00 pm ' Marvellous' by Alistair and Cameron Leys
8:45 pm 'Time Lapse of Annette Fernando' by Paul Banda
9.00 pm Live Cinematronica violin set by Elle

24 September to 25 September

Acme Studios

Studio 12, Propeller Foundry, 165 Childers Street, London SE8 5JR

Creative Corroboration//Audio/Visual Publication and Events project hailing from South East London.

I exhibited two paintings; Alone Together and Don't Show My Face

23 September to 03 October

Gallery Sensei

Copeland Park, 133 Copeland Road, London. SE15 3SN

Sensei is a salon styled art space with locations in both NYC and London

The direction is based on collaboration, featuring an eclectic roster of international artists who are either developing, emerging and/or mid-career.

I curated this exhibition:

Alistair Leys
"The notion of transient flickering in between images drives my process. Process and materiality of an image's language is that of the everyday, banal interiors and a city's landscape. Human presence is always visible in its fleeting traces-people however."

Ema Pina
"My recent works depict the body and objects form the personal and cultural spheres - from sanitary towels to folk dolls - shown in states of inertia and suspension underlined by tension. Themes of puppetry and manipulation permeate the works echoing the constraints social structures often impose on individuals. The paintings emerge from flesh-toned panels of MDF incrementally, through several layers of glazes and opacities, narrowing down on a sense of tonal equilibrium and psychological depth. Engaging in extensive photographic and video experimentation in the development of each work, I strive to explore the physical properties and metaphorical potential of paint."

Annette Fernando
"Winner of the Jerwood Student Drawing Prize 2014, Annette is a recent graduate of Central St Martins, She is heavily influenced by cinematic images and draws from them for her inspiration. The series entitled “Wait a Minute. It’s the Truth and the Truth Hurts” is typical of the real quality to Annette’s work, which goes far beyond her obvious technical skills. There is a palpable tension, capturing key images, whilst still allowing the viewers to read in their own story and conclusions."

18 August to 04 September

2016: DRIFT
Peckham Pelican

92 Peckham Road, London, SE15 5PY

A month-long exhibition curated by Sofia Akram featuring visual art and video by Amber Hanson Rowe, Alistair Leys, Ellen Camilla Rose, Sol King, Daisy Parris, Georgina Clemson and A Young.

I exhibited Uniform Violence Surface Silence. This painting was inspired by a Guardian stop and search article and photograph I read in 2015. My video in which I carried this painting and showed it outside Deptford and Lewisham Police Stations, was also screened at the show.

South East Drift at Peckham Pelican is an exhibition of the regular contributors (such as Amber Hanson Rowe, Ellen Camilla Rose and Alistair Leys) to South East Drift, a South East London based arts, music and events community.

Normally working out of a studio in Deptford, it was important to use a venue locally and in a place where people living locally too could see the work. The work itself consists of a mixture of painting, photography and documentary style film (on the opening) all produced individually by the artists over the past year.

The opening will also host acoustic music and film screenings.

13 June to 15 June

Gallery Sensei

32 Nunhead Green, London, SE15 3QF

Curated by Amber Hanson Rowe & Isabella Podpadec .
Artists include: Daisy Parris, Alistair Leys & Rachel Povey with a live performance by Sol King.

I showed three paintings, including You Don't Need To Worry About God or Jesus, Just the Pitbulls Behind You and two Untitled pieces. I also screened Uniform Violence Surface Silence.

23 March to 24 March

Amersham Arms

388 New Cross Road, London, SE14 6TY

Sleep Easy is a one night event hosted by South East Drift encompassing 5 live bands, 15 visual 2D artists, 10 video artists and 50 international zines.

Art, Live Music and Self Publishing. Amber Hanson Rowe, Sol King, Alistair Leys, A Young, Jacob Reed, Ellen Camilla Rose, Emma Pina amongst others.

10 March to 13 March

Bond House Projects

Goodwood Road, London, SE14 6BL

Artists Studio Company [ASC] presents an exhibition of new works by Austin Chaston, A.Young, Alistair Leys and Georgia Clemson. Curated by Georgia Clemson.

I showed my Uniform Violence Surface Violence video at the studio exhibition.

Chronostasis, (from Greek χρόνος, chrónos, "time" and στάσις, stásis, "standing"), is an exhibition of new artworks by graduates of Central Saint Martins using the starting point of the two-dimensional form to explore its potential as a conduit for movement and stillness.

23 June to 24 June

Amersham Arms

388 New Cross Road, London, SE14 6TY

The second installment of ‘The Sleeping Giant’ returns to The Amersham Arms, New Cross on June 23rd.

Organised and curated by Amber Hanson Rowe and Ellen Camilla Rose, the night was an exciting reflection on the local area and young creative people across London.

A one night event featuring visual artists and live music acts, the variety is strong.

An upstairs room, light and away from the music hosts 2D visual art work by 15 different artists, a chaotic curation to take in all at once, you’re eyes don’t know where to look first. The downstairs music venue that the South East London pub is known for will have four bands playing on the hour from 8 till midnight with a video showreel featuring a further 12 artists projected in the same space.

Artists Include:
Amber Hanson Rowe;
Ellen Camilla Rose;
Alistair Leys;
A. Young;
Georgia Clemson;
Jessie Churchill;
The Chapess Zine;
Bryony Hussey;
Xanthe Horner;
Daisy Parris;
Plus others...

21 April to 25 April

O-Yes. Old Foyles Bookstore

121 Charing Cross Road, London. SE14 6TY

Thirty London art students are exhibiting work in a show playfully entitled You Have Got My Bone in the old flagship store of Foyles bookshop in Soho. The show was curated by Pascal Coleman.

They believe it could be one of the last creative projects to emerge from the district if gentrification continues to change it. You Have Got My Bone will will stretch over four large floors, accommodating a range of works from painting, sculpture and installation by students from the Slade School of Fine Art, Westminster, Goldsmiths and Central St Martins.

There will also be performances and live music every evening from 7pm-9pm. Many of these students have previously exhibited in group shows together, including Post Post-Christmas at Stoke Newington Library in 2014, organised by Alice Howard and Pascal Coleman, the brains behind You Have Got My Bone."I feel like our exhibition has a lot to say about the state of art education and society in general. - Juliette Kilo, artist.

I exhibited seven of the Monitor series, and three other paintings as part of the show.

24 March to 25 March

Amersham Arms

388 New Cross Road, London, SE14 6TY

Painting Exhibition & Live Music.

I exhibited eight Monitor series paintings plus Beth Erased and Rubbish Painting (montage of 3).

Amber Hanson Rowe;
Ellen Camilla Rose;
Alistair Leys;
Austin Chaston;
Ema Pina;
Jack Marshall;
Matt Copson;
Asger Harbou Gjerdevik;
Kristian Kragelund;
Daisy Parris;
Harry Hurlock;
Sarah Cameron.

23 March to 23 March

Chapman House Roofspace

Chapman House, Bigland Street ,Shadwell, London.E1 2NG

Shadwell reproduction; Documentation of video installation of my old flat in Shadwell projected on back projection screen on rooftop

22 May to 27 May

Central Saint Martins

Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, Kings Cross, London, N1C 4AA

An exciting exhibition from CSM's 2014 graduates - as featured in the Guardian.

I exhibited 20 Monitor series painting, two video installations - Void and IMG, and one large painting in a steel frame Empty Projection.

17 February to 18 February

Central Saint Martins

Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, Kings Cross, London N1C 4AA

Big Space show was a cool challenging show in The Street of the new CSM building in KX featuring 50 artists across BA and MA Fine Art courses. I showed the 'Live Combine Painting (1)' and 'Upside Down Woooow' combine painting - the former was site-specific and partially performative. 17, 18 Feb 2014.

I displayed 26 of my Monitor Series paintings, these were part of an on-going series of works at this scale based on the size of a monitor - on various surfaces including linen, panel, hessian and oil. I experimented with surface and paint to represent the effect of an RGB display. I was seeing the little paintings as frames from video files. They become almost like a filmstrip using the height of the space and dissecting it several metres up.

25 June to 30 June

Curious Duke Gallery

Whitecross Street, London, EC1Y 8QP

An exhibition by Central Saint Martins, Goldsmiths and Slade students at the Curious Duke Gallery at 207 Whitecross Street, London.

Artists include:
Alistair Leys
Angus Frost
Sid Charity
Sarah Bernarda-Melcer
Alice Woods
Amber Rowe
Ellen Rose
Petronella Helgostam
Laclan Finlay
Elliott Walker
Julia Parks
Jasmine Newman
Christina Mongelli

01 July to 28 June

St John's Hospital

Wood Street, Chelmsford, Essex. CM2 9BQ

I created a 3m x 8m self portrait in an abandoned hospital that was due for demolition. This was covered in the local newspaper the Essex Chronicle.

22 May to 27 May

The Concourse Gallery

Byam Shaw, 2 Elthorne Road, London, N19 4AG

This was my Foundation show and I exhibited May Day

After 101 years Byam Shaw, a unique and experimental art school closed its doors forever, with a number of art shows.

01 April to 02 April

Millennium Mills

Rayleigh Road, Docklands, London E16 1UR

Fade Out - a series of etchings displayed in an abandoned building in Docklands. The mills were a derelict early 20th Century Flour mill in west Silver Town on the south side of the Royal Victoria Dock

01 April to 07 April

Saatchi Gallery

Sloane Square, London. SW3 4RY

Two paintings of mine were exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery as part of the International Art Prizes scheme for pupils up to the age of 18.

The paintings were:
Abandoned Department Store; Oil on board, 42cm x 60cm; Venice; Mixed media, 36cm x 84cm